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10 Top Tips for Travelling Long Haul with Tots

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Posted on 30th Nov 2015

Many families opt for long-haul travel for Christmas and February half-term and whilst the escapes of beautiful Caribbean islands and the Indian Ocean are the perfect destination for winter sun the idea of long-haul flights with little ones can be very daunting. Here are our top 10 tips for making your long-haul flight as stress free as possible.

  1. Have a well-stocked changing bag – make sure you have plenty of nappies, more than you would normally need. Spare clothes, perhaps two spare outfits for any spillages, sick or worse. Layers and socks are important too, the air conditioning can often mean your little ones get chilly.
  2. Kids travel bag – letting your little one(s) pack and carry their own hand luggage can be an exciting pre-flight task. Make sure it’s filled with colouring books and pens, soft and small toys and a couple of stories.
  3. Stay hydrated – the stress of travel paired with the lack of humidity in a cabin can mean it is easy for mums and babies to become dehydrated. Remember to pick up some bottles of water once you are through security and encourage everyone in your party to drink plenty.
  4. Bed time – If you are lucky enough to have a night flight emulating bed time can be a good trick to help your children feel settled and sleep better whilst flying. Changing into pyjamas, brushing their teeth and reading a story will bring about some familiar routine and (hopefully) help them sleep.
  5. Picnic – Airline food isn’t always the most appetising for children and so it is important to pack them a picnic to keep them happy during the flight. Protein rich snacks will help them sleep!
  6. Medication – Remember to take any medication (less than 100ml) that your child may need including Calpol! A spoonful for earache, tummy ache, whatever the ache!
  7. Milk – Milk, whether it be bottle-fed or breastfed can be a great comfort on a flight, not only this but sucking will relieve any pressure on tiny ears. Check with your airline for their policy on formula milk.
  8. Bulkhead seats – Whether you’re travelling with a very young infant or an active toddler it is always best to request a bulkhead seat. This means you can make use of a bassinet cot and extra leg room.
  9. Movies – Filling the iPad up with your children’s favourite movies is a sure fire way of keeping them entertained, even if it means letting them watch one on repeat – Let It Go!
  10. Pre-flight run – Having the kids cooped up for 7 or 8 hours will mean they become restless and irritable. Try and find an empty gate to let them have a run around in before you board to burn any pent up energy.
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