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Packing for a family holiday: essential items for parents’ suitcases

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Posted on 19th Mar 2014

While you won’t want to overpack for your family getaway, there are certain things that it’s best not to leave home without. These aren’t necessarily large or heavy, but they can prove to be incredibly useful.

However, when you’ve got to pack for your children (or at the very least supervise their packing) it can be easy to just throw a few things into your own bag without giving it too much thought. We provide an extensive packing checklist when you book with us, but the following are just some of the essentials you should remember to fit into your suitcase.

Small first aid kit

Any reputable hotel will have an extensive supply of first aid materials and it’s possible that you’ll be able to buy many of the following items locally. However, it’s a good idea to have the following bits and pieces on hand. Remember to pack this in your hold luggage to avoid falling foul of airport regulations relating to hand baggage.

Include a thermometer, Calpol, sachets of soluble paracetamol mix, plasters, tweezers, antiseptic wipes and insect repellant, as well as some cream to apply to insect bites. It’s also advisable to bring some rehydration salts with you, as these can help ensure your kids don’t become too dehydrated in hot weather.

If you or any of your children need regular medication – such as inhalers – make sure you’ve got these in there too, as well as spares in case you run out. This might also be a good place to pack your birth control products.

Sun protection for the whole family

When you’ve got to pack multiple bags for different members of the family, it can be easy to leave odd bits and pieces behind. One thing you don’t want to travel without is appropriate sun protection for everyone, so it’s easiest if you pack items like sun hats, sun glasses and sun cream together.

This not only allows you to easily see if anything is missing when you’re packing, but also means you’ll know exactly where to find the sun cream, as well as everyone’s hats and glasses, once you arrive, rather than having to root through multiple bags.


Toiletries are another thing that it’s best to pack collectively, rather than dotting them throughout various bags. While you may be happy to use whatever shampoo and shower gel the hotel provides, make sure you bring sensitive products for your youngsters to use while you’re away.

There are also some great spray-in conditioners and protective products for hair that are brilliant in sunny destinations where you’ll be in and out of the sea or the pool all day, so take a look at what’s available and throw a bottle in for yourself if you think it will be useful. Don’t forget toothbrushes and toothpaste, which can easily be left behind if you want the kids to clean their teeth the night before you travel. If your toothbrushes are in need of replacement, this is the perfect time to do it – pop the new ones in your washbag for use once you’re on holiday, and use the old ones until you travel.  

Specialist equipment

If you have any hobbies that you’re keen to incorporate into your trip, make sure you pack the equipment you’d like to use. Golf clubs, masks, snorkels and tennis racquets are just a few examples of items you can bring along, as well as goggles for swimming.

As these are personal to you – and in some cases fitted for your comfort – it makes sense to bring your own rather than hiring them once you arrive in your destination.


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