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Baby’s first holiday – what to choose?

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Posted on 13th Oct 2014

Your baby may be too young to choose your hotel, but let’s face it, your tot is now calling the shots. When it comes to that first holiday with a baby, most parents find themselves with such a formidable check list that it may be tempting to stay at home. So here is our guide to what to look out for when going on holiday with a little one.

The flight itself can be seem quite intimidating, but in fact we’d encourage you to brave a long haul journey whilst you can. Once your baby starts crawling, toddling and running around, cooping them up in a plane for hours becomes more trickier. So get your tropical long haul holidays in whilst you still can!

On arrival at your destination airport, you’ll want your transfer car to be fitted with an infant car seat, so you can travel to your hotel in full safety. This will also save you lugging your own one with you, especially as infant car seats are far bulkier and heavier than your baby itself! It’s worth noting though that rear-facing seats are a rarity abroad, so you may decide to bring your own if this aspect is vital to you.

You should also consider how long the onward drive is, so you don’t find yourself with stuck on a never-ending road with a crying mite needing a change or a feed.

Another tip is to choose a hotel which has a great stock of baby equipment for you to borrow or hire for your stay. You’d never dream of packing a baby bath, but faced with bending double over the giant indulgent bath in your suite, you’ll suddenly realise just what an essential it is. Step forward Tots Too hotels who can load up your room with all sorts of useful kit, such as changing mats and potties, not to mention the fun stuff like baby bouncers.

If you want to travel light with just a baby sling, you can still hire a pushchair at the resort, which is handy for carting around your beach bag as well as your baby. Tots Too hotels are buggy friendly, so you won’t face a flight of stairs on the way to the beach bar.

Even if you’re breast-feeding, you may find yourself in need of a steriliser for dummies and teethers, something which Tots Too hotels are often happy to provide. And there’s no need to worry about jars of baby food when your hotel chef can whip up a fresh puree to order.

New parents are often the people most in need of a restorative holiday, and having an extra trusted pair of hands can be the key to achieving that. Tots Too can arrange a local, private nanny to help with your baby, allowing you to doze in the sun or make the most of the resort’s activities. Some Tots Too hotels have very professional creches, where your baby can enjoy a safe, supervised play in a room of exciting new toys, giving you a precious hour or two to yourself. And an evening babysitter is a must, so you and your partner can rediscover each other over a cocktail at sunset.

Once all this is in place, you can actually have a holiday worthy of the name. And relax……………….  

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