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Canarian cuisine – a taste of Tenerife

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Posted on 23rd Mar 2015

Guests at the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque in Tenerife often find the fine dining at the hotel one of their holiday highlights. Small wonder, given that their iconic restaurant is overseen by the Michelin-starred Belgian chef, Pierre Résimont.

The new dinner menu captures the best of a classic French brasserie, including mouthwatering dishes such as Mollet eggs, cépes soup, croutons and foie gras; King Prawns, guacamole, gel of passion fruits and breadcrumbs of squid ink bread; Snails, cream of lettuce and froth of bacon with sour red onions; Sole Meunière, mashed potatoes “Résimont” style and salad; or Squab, celery risotto and mashed potatoes.

Traditional Canarian cuisine is also celebrated at the hotel, with other chefs from Gran Bahia del Duque, Jorge Péñate and Yoseba Llanera, recently taking home medals from the Gastrocanaria gourmet fair. The cuisine makes use of the wonderful local ingredients, such as Mediterranean parrotfish, traditionally served stewed with boiled potatoes and Canarian mojos (sauces). Don’t miss the black wrinkled potatoes, with an egg yolk colour on the inside, cooked then dried over a high heat.

Other essentials of Canarian cuisine are the mojos (green and red sauces), perfect for accompanying the very famous goat and black pig meat, a nearly-extinct species which has been saved for domestic consumption. The islanders love to eat gofio, a toasted and ground cereal, served up as “escaldón de gofio” made from fish or meat broth, or “kneaded gofio” prepared with honey and cheese.

If this talk of food has given you an appetite, we’re delighted to share a recipe from Gran Bahia del Duque here, their famous Wreckfish Loin on a bed of black potatoes with sailor’s stock and traditional coriander paste, created by Chef Braulio Simancas of the flagship Las Aguas restaurant at the hotel. Wreckfish is not so well known in the UK, but it is similar to bass.

Ingredients for 4 people:

Wreckfish Loin 4 units of 120 g


For the Mariners Stock:

Fish Stock

Small black peeled potatoes 1kg

Chives – 2 units

Red and green pepper – 1 of each

White wine

White wine vinegar

Sweet Paprika

Crushed Cilantro


For the traditional coriander paste:

2 cloves of garlic

Vinegar to taste

Seed Oil 1/2L

2 handfuls of coriander

Dry palmera pepper

Cumin to  taste




Mariners Stock:

We will sauté the vegetables, finely chopped, over a low heat together with two spoonful’s of coriander paste sauce as an oil. Once everything is well sautéed, we will add the potatoes and bathe it with the stock until we cover the potatoes. Leave it to cook and reserve, the potatoes must have a creamy texture to them.

For the traditional coriander paste:

We will put all the ingredients in the mortar except for the oil and vinegar, we crush everything and then add the vinegar, oil and salt to taste.


We will start the fish in a hot skillet, first skin side down to make it crispy, and then we will finish it in the oven without drying it too much.

In a deep plate add the potatoes without too much liquid, add the coriander paste over it, then place the fish on top. We will decorate with fresh coriander leaves and its sprouts.

Disfrute de su comida!  



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