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Seasoned Glamper

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Posted on 24th Jul 2018

Urbanite Emma is converted to life on the farm…

“We are now seasoned Featherdonwners and have just returned from our sixth time glamping. We did a lot of research before we went on our first Featherdown mini break. Being armed with the knowledge of what your farm can provide is very important as you don’t want to find yourself short of anything.

Our farm experience was nothing short of perfect. Despite arriving late afternoon in the pouring rain, the kids were straight outside, wellied up and with heavy duty rain macs. Nothing was going to deter them from tearing round the farm. My youngest was totally fixated with the chickens and tried to feed them everything from Cheerios to soft toys. The daily excitement of guessing how many eggs had been laid was as enthusastic on day one as day four.

A central pizza oven offers a night off cooking and the chance for the kids to assemble their own pizza with the help of the famers who set up a mini buffet station. Delicious pizza’s are cooked in just a few minutes and can be ordered with a selection of salads.

The tents are amazingly equipped and surprisingly homely. Kids will love the cabin bed which is like sleeping in an oversized cupboard and the master bedroom is a good size with a double bed. Second room has bunkbeds which is perfect from our two bigger kids. Plenty of shelving means you can properly unpack and create some sort of order that a normal tent doesn’t allow for.

There is something very endearing about kids being able to run feral for a few days where they experience the freedom and space away from nagging adults with a safe and secure perimeter. Rope swings, rabbit hutches and little pathways within the farm all offer little respites without the normal safety concerns. All farms come with an “honesty shop” which offer everything you’d need to assemble a meal, plus the basics and a very tempting selection of treats for kids. They help themselves and then do all it takes to be “honest” and write everything down!

Some tips for prospective Featherdowners:

Take a camping stove. The wood burning stoves are great for heating the tent but heating water takes an age. All crockery is provided but the lack of hot water means washing up takes some negotiation and planning. I always take lots of paper plates and cutlery to minimise time at the sink. Take extra blankets as the duvets are not thick and nights can be cold if the weather is typically British. Take extra candles and long matches: with no electricity you will burn through them in no time. Extra toilet roll, kitchen roll and tea towels were useful and bath towels are a must as they are not provided. Our farm had an honesty shop which was very well stocked so pack light on the condiments and anything that needs refrigeration as you can buy most things there.

Make use of the farm food menu, having a nice home cooked meal delivered down to your tent is a treat.

Invite some friends and take over the farm exclusively. Having run of the land and all communal spaces is a real treat and very worthwhile. We have taken over New Barn Farm for two years running and with 8 families in total and lots of kids, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Featherdown Farms are made for those who love to camp without the labour that camping entails. It offers creature comforts with primitive living so you don’t feel as though you are cheating too much. Just a small amount of open space outside your tent is enough to keep even the most challenging child happy for hours and parents can feel safe knowing that however hard they may try (and believe me mine did), they just cannot escape!

A Featherdown stay is one of the most hassle-free, structured and effortless glamping experiences you will ever have.

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