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Kids clubs for those who hate kids clubs

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Posted on 02nd Sep 2014

You would be forgiven for thinking that we’re big fans of kids clubs here at Tots Too, and that our clients are too. After all, practically every hotel in the Tots Too collection has a kids club. But families are a diverse bunch, and we’re well aware that amongst the many fans there are quite a few detractors amongst both parents and children.

There are parents who crave some quality time with their children on holiday and hate the idea of waving them off into a supervised play area. And there are children who are torn between the sight of colourful toys and the fear of leaving mum and dad’s side.

My own children are not what you’d call shrinking violets, but they have always been reluctant to go to the kids club, perhaps inheriting my own distrust of organised fun. So why do we always choose hotels with kids clubs, despite this?

Firstly, if a hotel has a kids club it is likely to be very family friendly. It takes considerable resources for a hotel to provide a safe, staffed play area and so it shows that the child friendly credentials are more than just for show. This pro-family attitude impacts all other aspects of the hotel stay, including mealtimes, accommodation and leisure facilities.

Secondly, having a kids club means that there are lots of children around for my kids to befriend. Even if they never set foot inside the supervised club, they can make friends in the pool, on the beach and around the resort.

Thirdly, you never quite know when your children’s entrenched anti-kids-club attitude may undergo a complete reversal. Some energetic members of hotel staff have been successful in recruiting my sons for an impromptu game of water polo, and my daughter has been swept up into a game of princesses and knights on the beach. My husband’s attitude has also softened as adorable kids with facepaint come up to his sun lounger and offer him one of the fruit kebabs they’ve been making at the club.

So even if you or your kids are less than convinced about a club itself, perhaps some of the individual activities may appeal, such as…


Parents can take great pleasure in seeing their little ones so excited and absorbed, not to mention the chance it gives them for a bit of a breather and something of a holiday themselves. Ask our team for more details of other imaginative kids club activities to inspire children and parents alike.

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