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Kids in the Kitchen

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Posted on 16th Jul 2015

Following Tots Too Managing Director Emma Spitzer’s recent success in becoming a MasterChef finalist, we look at the benefits of kids getting accustomed to the kitchen while they’re young.

  1. Nutrition

In order to learn to eat healthily, children need to understand where food comes from. Kids aged 5 to 12 years grow very rapidly and can be very active so a diet providing adequate energy and nutrients is essential. The British Nutrition Foundation recommends using the “Eatwell Plate” as a guide, which divides portion sizes of vegetables, carbohydrates, protein and milk and dairy foods. Learning about ingredients and which foods offer which nutrients is a great way for kids to develop a healthier attitude to meals.

  1. Organisational & planning skills

Cooking requires patience, organisation and time management and these are great skills for your little ones to start working on early. If they can focus for a set amount of time on achieving an outcome (cooking a delicious cake or waiting for a mousse to set) they can transfer these skills to other areas of life. They will also need to plan and prepare what they’re going to make and can have great fun shopping for ingredients and designing a menu.

  1. Budgeting

Learning about the cost of ingredients is a great way to get kids to appreciate money management and to avoid waste. Going shopping with them to choose the things they need to create their favourite dishes means they can budget and appreciate what food costs.

  1. Fun

Apart from the learning experience, cooking is fun! It’s an all-inclusive family experience that children from 4 or 5 upwards through to adults can enjoy together. With the time pressure we’re all under these days, killing two birds with one stone (making dinner and spending quality family time) is perfect. Children can feel they’ve made a real contribution and food always tastes so much better with an added dose of love!

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