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How far do you go?

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Posted on 13th Aug 2014

When you get parents discussing their holiday plans amongst friends, one of the biggest talking points is just how far you can go when you have little ones in tow. Travelling with toddlers really puts the haul into long haul, and parents who enjoyed far flung destinations in their child-free days may find themselves happier holidaying closer to home.

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend taking your tot on an Arctic trek, there are many advantages to long haul destinations, such as the islands of the Caribbean or Indian Ocean. Firstly, there is the advantage of reliable winter sunshine, not to be sniffed at when you face another bleak British winter. In terms of value, many distant resorts offer excellent bang for your buck versus the Med, with just a small extra spend buying you some serious tropical luxury.

The time difference can be a hurdle, but with many short haul flights departing at ungodly hours, and excited kids refusing to sleep the night before departure, you can pretty much guarantee that usual routines are disrupted either way. I know many parents who would prefer an overnight flight to Mauritius, with the children sleeping right through, than a short haul flight with an awkward departure time.

Flying long haul itself offers you the comforts of the likes of BA, which can compare very favourably to certain cheaper local airlines we could mention. Get yourself well prepared for the flight, with lots of entertainment and distractions for the kids, and the extra hours will not count too heavily. You can even break your journey with a stopover on the way, giving you two holidays in one, such as a desert camp out in Dubai on the way to the Maldives.

If you’re tempted, have a look at some of our gorgeous hotels in more distant destinations, such as Carlisle Bay in Antigua or Westin Turtle Bay in Mauritius, or even an incomparable jungle adventure in Sri Lanka

For extra tips, see our blog about flying with babies and young children and our short film on how to pack your family’s cabin bag.

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