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Posted on 25th Jul 2013

Kids clubs offer over-3s all sorts of entertainment and new friendships, whilst parents can enjoy a little me-time. (Under-3′s can join in with a carer, or attend a creche if the hotel has one). They are staffed by experienced and qualified child carers who speak English, in a safe child-friendly environment.

Even parents who crave lots of family time together often find it hard to entertain lively kids for every waking hour on holiday. Many parents also appreciate the chance to enjoy holiday experiences that are not child friendly, such as spa treatments, romantic dining or watersports.

Every hotel offers a slightly different arrangement – this is a personal review of one family’s experience at the kids club at Almyra in Cyprus

“Our sons, aged 4 and 6, were a little apprehensive about going to the club, as they didn’t know what to expect. They were welcomed enthusiastically by the staff into a room full of games, with quiet corners for crafts and books.

Just as my elder son was about to declare “babyish”, he spotted the table football and raced over. The staff explained that the children explore their own choice of activities at the start, and later there are organised games with the group.

Our children had barely given us a backward glance, so we crept off to the sun loungers for some peace and quiet. We had left our mobile number so we knew we could be reached if they didn’t settle in.

Later, we couldn’t resist spying to see how our boys were getting on.

The kids had been taken outside to a shady lawn and were engaged in a lively game of “duck duck goose”. The staff had taken care to make sure that they were all wearing their sun hats and organised the game with obvious know-how, involving all the kids of differing ages.

When we came to pick the boys up at lunchtime, they proudly showed me their drawings and face-paints. They were happy to return for future sessions, as it provided some variety from the usual beach and pool formula.

We still had plenty of time together as a family, and as parents we found we could relax into our holiday much more quickly having had a few hours to ourselves.

Although my children were too old for the creche, I could see there was a separate room for the little ones, filled with toys suitable for younger age-groups. There was even more staff here, offering lots of attention for the under 3s.

We were impressed with the professionalism and imagination that went into creating such a lively programme for our children.”

When booking your own holiday, feel free to ask our team for details of the kids club programme at your chosen hotel (tel: 020 7284 3344).

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