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New security guidelines for the gadgets in your bag

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Posted on 10th Jul 2014

For many parents flying with young children, the electronic gadgets that they pop into their hand luggage are amongst the most essential items. Mobiles, Kindles, iPads and other hand-held miracles are top of the cabin bag packing list. But with new security guidelines coming in across all UK airports, you could have these items confiscated at security. To avoid this, travellers need to observe one simple rule…

Keep it charged!

At security checkpoints, you will be asked to turn your device on, as part of all airlines’ general vigilance and safety checks. If it’s out of juice and you can’t turn it on, then it’s goodbye to your precious lifesaving gadgets.

Now, charging your gadgets may be something that you would be doing already, especially if you’re relying on the CBeebies app to get your little ones through the long flight. But with so many things to remember when preparing for a family holiday, it could well be a task that gets overlooked. So be sure to write a note to yourself: passports, money, tickets… charge gadgets!

See the table below taken from the government website…

Security guidelines for electrical equipment

Here’s a handy link to the government guide in full: hand luggage restrictions

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