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Emma is wowed by her whirlwind tour of Croatia

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Posted on 30th Jul 2014

Emma visited Croatia in June 2014, here’s her account of her travels:

Croatia is one of those places that sound so foreign and far away, yet in less time than it often takes me to travel down the M25 on a Friday afternoon, I was in the magical city of Dubrovnik.

The first smack of blue hit us almost straight after leaving the airport. The sea was as clean and sparkly as the Indian Ocean and the drive along the Adriatic coastline was smooth and very pleasurable. Our home for the week was the  Sun Gardens which was a 40 minute ride away. A stark contrast to the rest of Dubrovnik, the resort reception was uber modern, stylish and refreshing and there was an instantaneous feel of calm and contentment.

Our room was a Deluxe Sea View and a sea view it was, complete with a lovely large balcony on which to spend much time admiring it! The room itself was comfortable and neutrally decorated and perfectly adequate for a mother and daughter who are not shy! There is little in the way of privacy with a glass wall between the bedroom and bathroom and only the toilet cubicle separated by a door.

First stop was the terrace bar to catch the late afternoon sun and take on my first duty of sampling the wine – all part of the job. Not a million miles off London prices but my goodness the Posip (famous Croatian grape) was well worth every penny and the view… priceless.

Desperate to visit the famous old town and taking the advice of our representatives looking after us, we saved our tour for post sunset. Even in June, the temperatures were unseasonally high and it would have been unbearable to tackle the walled city in the heat. I would highly recommend taking a private tour as there is such a rich fascinating history to take in. There were scores of beautiful old buildings with war scars, Italian style gelatorias and restaurants, all buzzing with a healthy crowd of tourists, and yet I’d never seen streets so cleaned and well maintained. We were recommended a restaurant away from the main hub and enjoyed a lovely Italian style meal with some of Croatia’s famous seafood.

Although it appeared large on arrival, the hotel is actually easily navigated and very well sign-posted. The hotel is less appealing for families with the romantic style rooms, but I did think the Junior Suites were very well sized for smaller families who don’t need the option to self-cater. It was the Residences that really impressed me with so much space. Modern kitchens and large terraces for al fresco dining – I could more than picture myself and the large brood enjoying time in one of the 3 bed ones. Even better was the large (but not overpoweringly so) supermarket steps away from the rooms so you could easily cater without needing trips outside the resort.

There were a healthy but not overwhelming amount of buggies around the hotel, reassuring for a Tots Too inspection and the family pool was a nice place to sit for the afternoon. They have some excellent sports facilities and one of the most impressive spas I have seen for a long time. I judge a good hotel on somewhere I could imagine staying for at least 10 days and not getting bored and on this, it scored highly.

Where the Radisson is a wonderful, modern self-contained resort, the rest of the city is a traditionally beautiful place full of interesting places to visit and it’s this that makes the hotel even more special; you can have the best of both worlds. We packed in a very busy schedule but the highlights from my travel diary were; a trip to Mustar in Bosnia (ate one of the best meals ever in a local restaurant) a day trip to Montenegro and the cable car ride to see the best views over Dubrovnik. When I returned and gushed to all that would listen about my amazing few days, it was the picture perfect blue sea and charming Croatian hospitality that I remembered most fondly and my only regret was not giving myself enough time to see more….oh well, I’ll just have to go back…..”

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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