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Top 5 Hotels for Sporty Families

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Posted on 19th Nov 2014

If your family has a lot of energy to burn off, we know just the place. Here is our selection of fabulous family-friendly hotels where the sports activities are outstanding and the sun loungers never get a look in.

Gloria Golf Resort, Turkey

  • Gloria has an eye-popping new Sports Arena. The indoor space has facilities for swimming, gymnastics, boxing, fencing, judo, wrestling, handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, dance, and weight lifting. After which, you’ve earned a rest, but the outdoors area has three swimming pools, one of which is in Olympic size, and each has different features and equipment. There are also running tracks, athletics fields, beach sports, tennis courts, climbing walls, a multi-purpose outdoor sports area and multi-purpose green fields.


Forte Village, Sardinia

  • At Forte Village you don’t just play sports, young and old can pick up some serious skills at the excellent sporting academies. There are academies for football, netball, basketball, swimming, boxing and golf, not to mention the popular Chelsea Soccer School.


Martinhal, Portugal

  • Club 98 is the resort’s tennis and sports club, equipped with tennis courts, a swimming pool and a multi purpose sports field. Early in the season, Martinhal is also a magnet for surfers, on the look out for the big breakers.


Porto Elounda, Crete

  • There’s an Arsenal Soccer Camp (ideal for those who wouldn’t be seen dead at the Chelsea Soccer School!), golf academy, tennis, indoor games and top notch children’s dance lessons.


Sheraton Algarve & Pine Cliffs, Portugal

  • This part of the Algarve is renowned for golf, and the Pine Cliffs has its own course and academy. There’s also the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, where you can make the most of the resort’s five tennis courts.


All these resorts have indulgent spas, so a work-out can be followed by a relaxing steam or massage. We can’t promise that you won’t be tempted by the gourmet dining that also characterises these hotels, but if you are determined not to undermine your sporting efforts, there are plenty of virtuous menu choices available too.

Top 5 Hotels for Sporty Families

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