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Is it a toy? Is it a case? Is it a life-saver?

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Posted on 21st Oct 2014

If you’ve ever flown with children, you’ll know that taking the right entertainment on board with you makes for a happy flight for all concerned. So we’re big fans of the PlayAway case, a hand-luggage-sized bag in kid-friendly designs.

It packs an added punch with its ingenious, removable play-pod. This zips open on the kids’ laps to hold all their entertainment in one easy place – toys, crayons, books, the works. You can customise each case with stickers, which are more than just decoration as they convert the case into a board game.

We’re delighted to offer our Tots Too followers a £10 discount on a PlayAway case. To claim your discount, visit their online store here and enter the unique code TOT2.

Watch the PlayAway case in action in our 3 minute film below which shares our tips for how to pack your cabin bag when travelling with babies and small children. (The case can be seen at 1 min 50 secs)…

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