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Sterilising Baby Bottles on your Holiday

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Posted on 19th May 2014

Parents of babies and toddlers deserve a good rest on holiday, but with so much baby kit to worry about, going abroad can be anything but relaxing! At Tots Too, we help thousands of parents enjoy a restful family holiday, so here is our advice on managing bottle feeding on holiday.

Travel sterilisers

Steam sterilisers are fantastic, but hardly suitcase-friendly. Simple methods can be just as effective, such as using steriliser tablets in a special container with lid, or in cold water sterilising bags, or even in a sink full of water. If you have a microwave in your holiday accommodation, then microwave steriliser bags will come in handy and take up next-to-no space in your luggage.

Feeding on the flight

To keep your cabin baggage to a minimum, single-use bottles or bottle liners are ideal. Take enough for your journey, plus a bit extra in case of unscheduled delays. You’ll need to stock up with bottle liners for your return flight too, so buy in advance to save you tracking down specialist kit during your holiday.

Making up feeds

If you make up your baby’s formula with water, remember that tap water is not always the best choice when abroad. Choose a bottled water with low sodium and sulphate, some of which may be labelled as suitable for baby feeding. You will still need to boil bottled water prior to making up your baby’s feed.

Hotel assistance

Nearly all the Tots Too hotels offer excellent assistance with sterilising baby bottles, and this information is supplied in the Family Facts for each hotel. Baby bottle warmers and other useful extras can often be arranged in advance, waiting for you in your suite on arrival.

Sending essentials ahead

If your steriliser, bottles, formula and baby food is weighing down your suitcase, you can arrange to send bulky essentials ahead. The team at Tots Too can help you with this, once you’ve booked your holiday. Remember, it will all be much lighter on the way home!

Dummies, teethers, baby bowls, spoons, beakers…

Even if you’re breast feeding, you may wish to sterilise some of the other many things that end up in your baby’s mouth, especially if you’re feeding solids. Bacteria grows fast in warm climates, so remember to include all the little extras in your sterilising routine.

We hope this is helpful but please consult your health visitor for the latest recommendations for safe bottle feeding and sterilising. Please contact Tots Too to book your next family holiday on 020 7284 3344, or sales@totstoo.com

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