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What would most parents do on hols with childcare?

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Posted on 06th Aug 2013

Tots Too are specialists in luxury family holidays, so we recently asked 1,000 parents of under 5s what they would do on holiday if they had a couple of hours in the daytime with the children happily cared for in trusted hands.

Can you guess what the results from OnePoll revealed?

The top three activities of choice, each coming through with over 30% of the vote, would be: slipping away to the suite for sex,a tranquil dinner for two, and uninterrupted time on the beach or at the pool.

So while it seems that we’re all a frisky lot, it also seems that romance is high on the agenda with the option of a romantic dinner for two coming in with the highest vote of 35.5%, a very small fraction ahead of the 35.3% opting for sex and 33% choosing time on the beach as a preference.

Results showed the top three responses were significantly ahead in popularity with the fourth most popular choice – spending time in the spa – coming in at less than 20%!

Emma Barnett, Managing Director of Tots Too, says, “We understand that being a parent is a 24 hour job, even on holiday. Whilst Tots Too clients look forward to relaxed time with their little ones, they also appreciate all the other leisure pursuits that a bit of holiday childcare can allow.”

With this in mind and just in time for the school holidays, whether opting for a chic retreat in France, an activity-packed resort on the Med, a desert camp in Oman, or the most child-friendly corners of the Indian Ocean and Caribbean, it’s time to book the holiday childcare quick!

Tots Too creates bespoke holidays for the whole family, where young children are more than welcomed and with exceptional kids’ facilities featured. Tots Too’s exclusive Nanny Too service offers bespoke one-to-one childcare, tailored to the needs of each individual family and child. This unique service provides carefully vetted local nannies allowing parents to connect with trusted hotel nannies up-front at a handpicked portfolio of hotels in a number of luxury holiday destinations.

Tots Too travel experts book your time with a personal nanny in advance of your holiday. Nannies are selected by trusted local nanny agencies and hotels and there’s no need to incur the travel and board expenses of bringing a nanny from home. Nannies can be arranged to be with your family for as little time as you like, from just a couple of hours in the morning. It’s great for kids who don’t want to join kids clubs and for parents who want the personal touch, as well as opening up the choice of hotels to families who were previously limited to those hotels with crèches for under 3s.

Full results from the OnePoll survey of the holiday wish list in order of preference:

1. Dinner for two

2. Back to the suite for sex

3. Uninterrupted sunbathing by the pool or at the beach

4. Treatments in the spa

5. Catching up on precious sleep

6. A visit to local attractions that wouldn’t appeal to kids

7. Reading a good book

8. Shopping

9. Hiking and walking

10. Tidying the suite, apartment or villa

11. Other

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