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Your need-to-knows…

Isn’t it cheaper to book with the hotel directly?

This is a common misconception. As we send our chosen hotels so many quality clients, they offer our guests special rates, so that we remain competitive.

Another company has quoted a cheaper price, why shouldn’t I book with them?

Please share their quote with us. We will try and match the quote where possible. We usually find, however, that a lower quote does not have important inclusions, such as transfers from the airport or hold baggage for flights.

There are other benefits that are not listed within our prices, such as the ability to make sure our clients are allocated the best suites, pre-booking of key services (e.g. kids clubs) which may be full on arrival, and the willingness to help with any unforeseen hitches. Companies who do not offer this service are more able to cut their prices to the bone.

Why are flights for some European destinations not included in the price?

Europe is well served by budget airlines, with frequent price changes. This makes it impractical to quote a fixed price for all-comers. Tour operators do not receive any discounts on the published budget airline rates. For this reason, where there are no scheduled flights, most of our guests book budget flights themselves. We are, however, happy to do this on their behalf, for a small admin charge.

For flights served by scheduled airlines, we are able to offer a package price, including flights, with full ATOL and ABTA protection.

Are you an established company?

Tots Too was founded in 2007, as part of Essential Escapes which was founded in 2002. We have licences through ATOL (no.5914) and ABTA (no.Y0062) for the protection and peace of mind of our clients. We can be contacted at our central London offices

Is it cheaper to book at the last minute?

Flight prices increase steeply the closer you get to departure, so there are major savings to be had by booking in advance. Package operators serving the budget end of the market purchase flights for the whole season in advance, and often drop their prices to fill empty seats close to departure. However, for luxury hotels, the opposite is true, as the best prices are through the early booking offers, available only several months ahead of travel. We will try and find the best value for you whenever you book.

Why can’t we book online?

Tots Too offers a bespoke service for our families, something that we just couldn’t replicate with an automated system. Although we make our website as informative as possible, we find that our families have lots of very sensible questions to ask, specific to their own circumstances. There’s no substitute for a personal conversation for something as complex and individual as a family holiday, be it by phone, webchat or email.

Are your reviews genuine?

Yes! When our clients return from their holiday, we drop them a line to welcome them home and ask them for feedback. With their permission, we add this feedback to our online reviews, sometimes anonymously at their request. We do not tamper with the reviews, other than to initialise children’s names where used. We do not remove negative comments, as we believe our clients would prefer to know the full picture, and this gives us the opportunity to answer questions on any area of concern. People have different preferences, expectations and budgets, and the range of comments in our reviews reflects this.

Why aren’t you open longer?

We are a small team and at present we can’t stretch to covering very long hours. We do understand that many discussions about holidays take place in the evenings and at weekends! Please email us, leave a phone message or request a callback  and rest assured that we will reply to you promptly when our office opens, or the time of your choice. (The more information you leave in your message, the better!).