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Essential Travel Advice


It is very important that you check-in for your flights in good time prior to the scheduled departure. For European departures, we recommend a minimum check-in time of 2 hours. For international departures, we recommend a
minimum check-in time of 3 hours.
Before you fly
We recommend booking into an airport lounge for a safe haven away from crowds.You may also consider buying a seat for any members of the family under 2, for extra comfort on the flight.
Travel documents
We will always send your tickets, vouchers and other travel documentation to you by 1st class post and aim to do so no later than 10 days prior to travel. However, for late bookings and if within a week of travel, we will send them to by special or recorded delivery.
The temperature and weather information on this website are intended as a guideline only. Muchas we would love to be able to, we cannot control the weather!
Spa treatments
We would be more than happy to advise on the best treatments and spa packages for your requirements and are pleased to offer preferential rates on a range of packages, which we can prebook for you.
Hotel arrival and departure
If you arrive at your destination early in the morning, we advise booking your hotel room for the night before to ensure that you are able to check-in straight away. Similarly, for late-night departures, you may want to pre-book a late stay in your room.
Travel insurance is not included in the cost of your holiday. It is a condition of your booking that you obtain suitable cover prior to travel. We are pleased to recommend Holiday Extras Insurance.
Passports / visas
You will need a full 10-year passport to travel to all destinations.We also recommend that you have at least six months left to run on your passport from the date of entry to your destination. Please note that all children, irrespective of age, must have their own passport. Some destinations have additional entry requirements and we recommend that you check this before you travel. Some countries require visas for entry and we will advise you of which ones they are, but ask that you organise this in good time before traveling. Please make sure that you read carefully our terms and conditions and in particular the section entitled “your responsibilities”.
Health & safety
We recommend that you always take precautions when traveling with valuables such as jewellery and advise you to keep these items to a minimum. Hotels accept all major credit cards, which means that you can keep the amount of cash you carry to a minimum.Vaccinations are strongly advised for certain destinations and we recommend you speak to your GP well in advance of travel for advice. We advise our clients never to leave their children unattended in any circumstance whatsoever.
Public holidays
Public and religious holidays in certain countries may cause some disruption to services and facilities offered at our hotels but we will do our best to advise what these changes are before you book or travel.
Resort activities
We endeavour to offer accurate information but please be aware that for reasons beyond our control, some activities and facilities may not be available from time to time. Similarly, the opening times of kids clubs and crèches may vary from time to time and from season to season. Some resort activities are hazardous.We recommend that before you engage in such activities, you ensure that the organization or people providing them are qualified and registered and that you are adequately covered by your insurance.We take no responsibility or liability for such activities.
Special requests
We see ourselves as your personal travel consultants and will do as much as possible to ensure all the “little things” are taken care of. Please inform us of anything you wish us to look after in advance and we will endeavour to meet your needs.