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Why September is the Perfect Month to Travel

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Posted on 03rd May 2017

Sadly, for most travellers, September marks the end of travel season. It’s back-to-school, back-to-work, back-to-reality drudgery. However, if you are not bound by the school holiday dates, there are some really good reasons why September might work especially well for you. Aside from the more palatable difference in price, your holiday will still be blessed with lovely warm weather but perhaps not quite as intense heat as the summer months of July and August. If you are heading to the coast you will also find the waters lovely and warm after a whole summer of being gently warmed. With less people around when the schools go back, you will also find many resorts lovely and calm, you get to choose your spot on the beach and by the pool and will also enjoy being able to receive a more personal service from hotels and restaurants.

Europe, the most-popular  continent for tourism on Earth saves its true charms for September. In popular destinations such as France and Italy, the hordes of visitors have ebbed away while the citizenry has returned from its August holiday, relaxed and ready to do business. Restaurants and hotels reopen, lines for attractions are short and prices begin to drop into ‘shoulder season’ discounts.

Peak tourism season hasn’t yet hit in mainland Southeast Asia, which is gradually drying out from the wet season. On the islands, rainfall is easing and the birds are coming – meaning longer, clearer stints snorkelling or diving or sunbathing for you, without the crowds or peak prices.

Unfortunately for me, my children are all in school and we are bound by the craziness of the peak season prices, overcrowded airports and hotels and of course the fight that comes with the territory if you want that decent spot by the pool or on the beach. I long for that time when I could pick and choose my dates, always opting for the September calm.

Some of our favourite resorts to visit in September are;

Hotel Gran Bahia Del Duque, Canary Islands 


Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel, Portugal


Anassa, Cyprus


Westin Resort Costa Navarino, Greece


Phula Bay, Thailand


St Nicholas Bay, Crete


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