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Adjusting kids’ routines on holiday

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Posted on 27th Oct 2014

Amanda passes on her tips here… “With or without the help of Gina Ford, you’ve probably spent weeks or months (with many sleepless nights) getting your toddler or pre-schooler into a routine that works for you and the rest of the family. You’re finally at a stage where you can get a respectable number of hours’ uninterrupted sleep, and have your evenings (and your bed) to yourself. And then, suddenly, you decide to turn your world upside down by going on holiday.

We all need a holiday and 99.99% of us return feeling refreshed, motivated and with a healthy glow, ready to tackle the rest of the year. But with young children the lead-up to our much-anticipated getaway can, even as early as the booking process, be fraught with worries about how our baby or toddler with adjust to the sudden change in routine. What will happen if they don’t get their afternoon nap followed by Waybaloo and room temperature milk? Will they be up all night and grouchy the next morning? Will you have to resort to unappetising jars of baby food or, for older children, chicken nuggets and chips? Will the combination of sun, fizzy drinks, ice creams and late nights send them loopy? How will they be able to wait until the hotel restaurants open at 7pm for dinner? And will you get ANY couple time or will you end up whispering on the balcony, exhausted after finally getting the kids to sleep?

Actually, all of the above are easily remedied and need not dampen your holiday spirits. The first thing to do is chill out, as normal rules do not apply. It’s a time to relax the routine, throw caution to the wind and, well, enjoy yourself. Once that’s been established, it’s just a case of attention to detail and that’s where we come in. All of the hotels we work with offer, to the extent you choose, the opportunity for parents to relax, safe in the knowledge that the children are well-cared for. Many provide a range of baby and toddler equipment that would put Mothercare to shame, including bottle sterilisers and warmers, changing mats, loo seats and more. So you don’t need to worry about packing everything but the kitchen sink and can plan your beach or pool trip knowing everything you need is at hand.

Parents tell us that food is one of the most important routine-based issues on holiday. The properties we work with all cater for this by providing freshly prepared food to appeal to toddlers as well as homemade baby food and restaurants often open early in the evenings, with others open all day or with 24-hour room service  so you can dine according to your home routine if you so wish.

Of course, a holiday isn’t a holiday without some relaxation and “you time” so all of our resorts not only have kids clubs but also a crèche and babysitting services so you can enjoy a few hours’ sunbathing, a romantic meal or a spa circuit. Some of our properties offer our exclusive Nanny Too service which means you can book a local nanny for the duration or part of your holiday. We also feature many resorts with larger villas and suites which have two or three rooms, ideal for a glass of wine and some adult time once the kids have been put to bed.

With all this in mind, plus a few tweaks in the days before departure (let the kids stay up an hour or so later so they adjust to the later nights and, hopefully, longer lie-ins, and perhaps try some variation in mealtimes to illustrate that, actually, kids are very adaptable), you should be set for a completely relaxing and harmonious family holiday.

Our final tip is to book off an extra day from work when you return, to ease yourselves back into the home routine.”


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