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Travelling is a great way to educate young minds, so why not head to the beautiful continent of Africa to show your little ones a new and exciting way of life?
With a host of fantastic, family-friendly hotels located in some of Africa’s most-stunning countries including Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, Tots Too will ensure you have a safe place to relax as you sit by the pool or admire the sunsets. What’s more, accommodation and holiday packages are specifically tailored to your needs, meaning you can have an enjoyable and stress-free holiday even when holidaying with youngsters.
So, whether you’ve always wanted to explore the sand dunes of the Sahara or check out the markets of Marrakech, now you can in the knowledge that you’ll be looked after every step of the way. And, if you simply want to put your feet up, babysitting services, kids’ clubs and crèches are widely available to ensure your cherubs are well taken care of as you get a bit of alone time – after all, we know you can’t relax unless your children are happy.
Here at Tots Too, we thrive on providing luxury family breaks, so no matter where you go in this culturally rich part of the world you won’t have to compromise on quality.

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North Africa - search for hotels by destination

  • Egypt

    Egypt's history spans over a thousand years - from the Nile to The Sphinx, the Pyramids to ancient Luxor, the wealth of her treasures is vast.

  • Morocco

    Morocco is a fantastic starting point for a journey through Africa.

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