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Luxury Family Hotels In Egypt

Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh

Bedouin nights, coral reefs and service with a smile at this charming luxury hotel

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Egypt’s history spans over a thousand years – from the Nile to The Sphinx, the Pyramids to ancient Luxor, the wealth of her treasures is vast.

Famed for its Pharaonic monuments which draw in hundreds of travellers every year from around the globe, Egypt’s modern day life sits at perfect ease with its historic past and it is not uncommon to see city traffic competing with donkey-drawn carts, earthen houses overshadowed by towering office buildings and the sounds of car horns resonating with Muezzins calling the faithful into prayer.

This is most typical in the colourful and chaotic city of Cairo, the country’s most populous region where an estimated 12-16 million people live. Cairo has been the heart of Egypt for more than a thousand years and still vibrant today is the old medieval quarter – home to the city’s mosques and temples. The Citadel, a medieval fortress that was once the seat of Egyptian power for more than 700 years is perhaps one of the most spectacular sites, along with one of the largest Mosques in the world – Ibn Tulun Mosque, dating from the 9th century.

A welcome relief from the hustle, bustle and cumin-scented air of Cairo, is Hurghada, Egypt’s premier diving destination. Once just a modest little fishing village, it is now home to around 35,000 residents and famous for its sparkling waters beneath which lie a multitude of untouched reefs and ship wrecks. With perhaps the exception of December and January, Hurghada boasts year-round t-shirt weather and excellent diving conditions, making it perfect for a luxury family holiday.