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Posted on 31st Jul 2013

Emma tells us about her recent stay at Abama:

“It’s a real misconception that the younger the child, the harder it is to travel with them. Perhaps in theory it is, with the amount of equipment you think you may have to take, but in practical terms, it’s far easier. Of course it largely depends on the hotel in question and what they can provide to make the load literally lighter. Putting our best-selling hotel to the test, I went off to Abama in Tenerife with baby Sophie, the youngest of my brood and a mere 7 weeks old.

I had pre-ordered a fully-reclining buggy, a nappy station, change mat and a cot, so already I was buggy-less at the airport and although a sling isn’t for everyone, it worked really well for me in having one less item to worry about. It’s important to mention that backward facing infant seats are not available for hire in most hotel transportation, and under 12 months in theUKyou are not legally obliged to put your infant in a car seat in a public carriage, so this seems to follow through in most other countries. There are of course the forward facing ones for slightly bigger babies but Sophie was too small so she was safely strapped to me for the 30 minute car ride from the airport

So far, smooth journey and I was pleasantly relieved to see that all requested items were present and correct in our hotel room. In hindsight, I didn’t really need the nappy station given I could change her on the bed using a towel but it served more to provide a dedicated changing space that I could keep everything together in consideration of my friend who was sharing our room. The cot was a proper wooden cot complete with a little baby pack and a toy. The rooms are so spacious, the cot was far from invasive in the space and even the large buggy in the room was barely noticed.

There were no areas that were tricky to access with the buggy and I was made to feel very welcome in whichever food establishment we chose to eat in with baby in tow. There are clearly restaurants that parents choose to eat in with the kids and ones which are best left behind, but with a baby discreetly tucked away in the buggy by our table, she was barely noticed, a plus of her being so young with small lungs!

The brand new kids club at Abama is absolutely stunning, a pang of regret momentarily surfaced on looking around the club that I had left the bigger kids at home but I knew I would return and they would love it. It’s bright and colourful, with areas suited to both the active toddler and the curious primary-schooler, with educational activities which looked fun and engaging. It has a nice secure outside space but the magic happens inside. The staff seemed charming but more importantly, the kids seemed happy which is the biggest stamp of approval needed. The negative is of course that Abama no longer operates a crèche. This has proved to be a bit of a bugbear for some of our clients but fortunately Tots Too has partnered up with the local nanny agency to service the needs of parents with kids under three.

We used the El Mirador pool which was by far the most beautiful spot at the resort but it was very much spoilt by the abundance of families that also chose to use it. We were quite surprised that this was not an “adult only” area given it promised such tranquillity alongside the breath-taking views. However, I was so delighted to have returned to the news that it is no longer open to families so it can be enjoyed in the peace it deserves whilst the kids are safely tucked away in the kids club.

The larger family pool is of course still lovely and there is now the addition of a larger kids pool. There are also cold water stations which may not be automatically obvious but once discovered, you start to calculate the savings on ordering bottles poolside.

Service was faultless on pretty much all levels and we had some amazing culinary experiences. I think being a resort which is inaccessible to other places by foot, it has to offer a good enough choice of culinary options and Abama really doesn’t disappoint. Sand aficionados will love the beach, a sheltered private cove which is beautifully maintained complete with a lovely beachside restaurant whilst for those who prefer to keep their toes clean, the pool area is perfect for babies and toddlers who are just learning to explore the water.

The spa is another big plus point. Given that testing spas was once my only vocation in life, I think I am more than qualified to critique. Noticing that my body had recently undergone a huge ordeal (giving birth) and also recognising that my body had not fully recovered from the birth only 16 months previous to that one, my therapist (with consent) proceeded to click me back in alignment with total confidence. This wasn’t a standard inclusion of the treatment but he suggested it could help with the back and neck pain that he’d picked up on. The facilities are great, in particular the thermal circuit which was one of the best I had seen in a long time.

Worthy of a visit just for the spa, Abama doesn’t have to be labelled as just a family hotel. In fact, my travelling companions were three other ladies who had left kids behind and wanted to just have a few days of R&R in the Canarian sun (which was out in all glory at the end of October).

Abama gets a huge thumbs up from me and baby Sophie.”

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