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How to navigate the airport with kids

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Posted on 12th Mar 2018

The countdown to holidays is exciting but what fills most parents with dreed is the airport and plane. What if they act up, or spend the whole flight screaming? What if you they run off in the airport or land more frazzled than ready for fun? As experienced travellers with children of all ages, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

1. Be prepared – You can never have too many snacks and wet wipes. Our airport kits will always have; snacks, games, extra clothes, DVD or Ipad, headphones, blanket, medicine as you never know when your kids might get a temperature or feel unwell and wet wipes LOTS of them. Arm yourself with snacks; it’s important to keep the options simply to avoid upset tummies and always have a sippy cup or sweets for elder children to ease ear popping.

2. Check in early – Allow you and your family plenty of time to make it from check-in through to the gate with time for a toilet break or two, food stops and any tantrums that may occur.

3. Pre-order your baby milk from Boots– What can you take? Will you have to taste it at security? How much are you allowed etc….To avoid confusion and worry you can pre-order your milk from Boots and collect from a store in the airport’s departures.

Most importantly try and relax and enjoy the airport- if you are relaxed the kids will be relaxed. If all else fails you can always pull out an old favourite and tell them about the airport police; if they are badly behave the airport police will not let them go on holiday!




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