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Monday December 17
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About The Hotel

You don’t have to love golf to love the Gloria Golf Resort. It enjoys a beautiful beachfront location in Antalya, surrounded by pine forests and views of the mountains. The hotel is set amongst gardens, pools and the largest golf complex in Turkey. To sum it up, it has everything you could possibly think of, and quite a bit more that you haven’t!

For the littlest guests, the Very Important Minis club offers exceptional services, including special rooms for feeding, changing and sleeping and wonderful play areas inside and out. There’s a free, supervised club for older children, with a daily programme of activities, as well as trampolining at the beach, balloon games, pony rides, water olympics, mini golf and table tennis.

The Gogi Fun Jungle offers a wonderful extensive soft play area, baby sensory zone, miniature town and ice cream corner. Older children and teenagers can experience the climbing wall and rope adventure area. (There is an entry charge unless you stay in the family suites or villas).

There are 8 restaurants on site (5 open out of season) and 6 bars to choose from, with a lively evening entertainment programme. This includes live bands, a night club on the beach (out of ear-shot of family suites!), plus nightly shows in the amphitheatre after the unmissable mini-disco for little boppers.

The all inclusive package allows you varied dining at a sumptuous varied buffet, plus on 3 nights you can book a la carte dinners at any of the resort restaurants (reserve in advance at busy periods). And all that’s not to mention the unlimited beverages, poolside drinks, as well as ice cream and waffles down by the beach.

There is a good choice of luxurious rooms with balconies or terraces, including family suites and villas. Simple kitchen facilities in some of the accommodation makes self catering an option.

Living up to its name, there are a total of 45 golf holes and large practice facilities for golf fans (additional cost). The grounds feature pools, a stunning aquapark with adventurous waterslides, 4 tennis courts, an indoor sports centre, ten pin bowling and more. You can hire tennis equipment and take lessons and try a range of water sports.

The fitness centre offers cycling accompanied by trainers around the landscaped grounds, as well as pilates classes, aerobic circuits and a bootcamp programme.

La Source Spa is a spacious haven filled with natural fragrances and a special light and music system to create a peaceful atmosphere. Certified spa therapists offer Ayurvedic, Thai or Shiatsu massages, complemented by a private Turkish bath. The spa includes steam baths, Finnish saunas and Hungarian showers, detox care rooms and a beauty centre. (Spa is an additional cost)

Read more on our blog from Julie  and also blog from Emma, both reporting back about their family stays at Gloria Golf Resort. And here’s a picture gallery of the kids’ facilities too.


Family Facts

Cots available on request

Babysitting available for children aged over 1 only (charges apply). Limited to 3 continuous hours per day

VIM club for 1-3 year olds (charges apply), offering special equipment for infants and baby food. Limited to 3 continuous hours per day

Mini Club for 4-7 year olds, Kids Club for 8-12 year olds, from 9am-11pm in summer season, reduced hours at other times

Pushchair friendly

40 minutes from Antalya airport

Awaiting info

Children’s pool available

Assistance and facilities for bottle feeding

Awaiting info

Teens can enjoy the extensive sports facilities and evening entertainment


  • HM 27 October 2014 "Overall we really liked the Gloria Golf Resort. Everything that you could possibly need is on site and the place is very well maintained and spotlessly clean. We took our two young children and are lots of things for kids to do. The indoor soft play and outdoor playgounds are great, as is the water park. There are trampolines on the beach and lots of great pools to choose from. There is also a very good Kids Club, which is free for over 4’s. We didn’t use it very much as our son is only 2, but my daughter went to a couple of the activities and seemed to enjoy them. The facilities at the Kids Club are brilliant.

    We had the all inclusive option, which is very good. The choice and quality of food at the buffet is excellent, and there are also some a la carte choices in different restaurants. The mini bar is free and restocked daily, and you can get as many drinks as you like. There are some lovely bars to stop and have a drink. The Family Suite was good as there was a separate bedroom for the children, plus a separate living room area. There was plenty of space in the apartment and the décor was nice.

    However, despite all the positives there were some definite downsides for us, which are as follows:

    1. The service is efficient in the main, but mostly very unfriendly. I felt like most of the staff didn’t actually like the guests very much. Perhaps that is true, but it wouldn’t hurt them to smile once in a while
    2. A lot of the staff speak very poor English, which is not what I would expect in a 5 star hotel. For example, we asked for a straw for our son’s drink in one restaurant and no-one could understand what we were asking for. In another bar I asked if they served food and no-one could understand me. These are just a couple of examples, but we experienced this all over the resort
    3. The in room babysitting is 60 Euros per hour for 2 kids (30 Euros per head)!! By contrast we pay £7 an hour in central London. We were told that the ‘concept’ was that if we wanted to go for dinner in the evening our kids should be left in the Kids Club (which would be the bargain price of 30 Euros per hour for 2 kids!). This is an issue for me as 1) I don’t want to leave them in the Kids Club (my son would go crazy if I left him with a stranger), and 2) my kids go to bed at around 7.30pm so would be asleep. Are they seriously expecting me to put them to bed in a Kids’ Club and then collect two sleeping children and carry them across the resort? It’s just not going to work. This meant that we had to take the children out to dinner with us every night and they were just too tired. We would have much preferred to have got them something to eat at around 5pm and then put them to bed and gone out for dinner on our own later, but due to the crazy babysitting prices this wasn’t feasible. This isn’t what I would expect in a supposedly ‘child friendly’ resort
    4. The outdoor pools are not heated and were absolutely freezing. My 2 year old son refused to go in at all and my daughter would only go in for a few minutes because she was too cold. There is an amazing kids pool, but we didn’t really get to use it because of this. I do think that the kids pool should be heated throughout the year. Normally in luxury resorts the kids pools are hot whatever time of year you go
    5. In the all inclusive option you are allowed to go to each of the three a la carte restaurants once each, but we only managed to go to one as the others were completely booked up.

    So overall we did have a very good time at Gloria Golf, but I think there are some definite improvements that the resort can make, particularly with regards to friendliness of staff, prices of babysitting and heating of the kids pool. We also had quite bad weather so I probably wouldn’t go back in October.

    I think that in general the price that we paid (particularly in school holidays) is pretty good value for money and we would go back once the kids are a bit older and can both enjoy all the facilities that the resort has to offer.

    I would give the holiday a score of 4 out of 5.

    Please let me know if you would like any more information on any of the above points.

    BTW, the service we have received from you and Tots Too has been excellent, and we will definitely use you again."

  • AH 08 September 2014 "Thanks for your e mail. We had a wonderful time and loved the resort. The weather was amazing - probably a bit too hot for us if I'm honest! I think that if I was to go back (which I hope we do!), it would be in June rather than August.

    The accommodation was pretty good. If I was going to be really picky I would say that you can hear the people in the rooms above walking around - one night there was a baby crying at about midnight which I could hear really clearly and could also hear when they were coming home - doors slamming / running etc. However, I am a really light sleeper! Also, the hair-dryer in the bathroom was one that was attached to the wall and not a 'real' one, which I would've expected, given that it was a 5* star resort. However, that aside, the food was very good and everything else was to an excellent standard. Everywhere looked beautiful and was really clean (v important to me!). The service was generally very good too. I would give it 4.5 stars.

    I have already forwarded your details to a friend of mine who asked me about my holiday when I got back.

    Thank you for your input in the holiday and recommending the Gloria resort!"

  • AD 20 August 2014 "The holiday was great and would give it a 5 out of 5 – brilliant facilities for the children with activities galore and really excellent kids club. The all inclusive package really was all inclusive."

  • AP 19 August 2014 "We had a great week thank you

    I would find it very had to give the holiday overall anything but 5 out of 5. It’s a great hotel with excellent facilities and so much for the kids to do

    The food is of a very good standard and the hotel is clean and well maintained.

    If i was being over critical I would say that there are elements of the service which mean that in England it would be a 4 star and not a 5 star. Just those little touches that make a 5 star so special.
    5 star facilities, 4 star service you could say.

    But that did not detract from a wonderful week. Generally i never go back to the same place twice as i like to try different places..........but we will definitely consider the resort again for next summer. The kids facilities make it something special"

  • JP 07 August 2014 "In short, we had a great time and overall I would score the holiday a 4, the main reason being that accommodation and facilities are excellent and it was very good value for money compared to other European locations. The level of service was a little disappointing and the main negative.

    More specific comments:

    The accommodation was very good. I thought the family suites were excellent, perfect for a family of four with children of any age and worked well for our 3, including a baby. I think your decision to recommend this accommodation is exactly right.

    The family suite’s pool and pool bar / restaurant, which at least felt as if it was for the exclusive use of the family suites, was equally good. The pool was much calmer and more relaxing than the main pools and it was easy to keep an eye on the kids in a smaller environment. The pool was also immaculately clean (I barely saw a leaf in the pool and never saw a cleaner), which considering it is surrounded by trees and vegetation was great.

    Also, Gogi fun jungle being located next to the family suites and being free was an amazing facility for kids of all ages.

    Facilities / Activities:
    The facilities are undoubtedly very good, for us and the kids. The kids particularly loved the water slides, the mini slides in the other kids pools, the football sessions, the shows in the amphitheatre, the fun jungle (not the kids club)….basically everything. We didn’t use the watersports or the Spa, but what I saw looked good.

    Kids club – our kids went to the kids club for one morning on their own and weren’t huge fans. There seemed to be a lack of English speakers which was a slight problem for leaving the kids there on their own too. However, from our perspective having the kids attend the kids club is not hugely important for our hols. However, I think our boys would have been very keen to go along if the kids activities (or at least the ones we were aware of) utlilised the hotel’s facilities more. For example, I don’t think we’d have seen S and L (6 & 4) if the Kids Club had offered watersports, football, golf, tennis, water slides, trampolining, playstation, bowling etc etc etc in a centrally organized way. The boys did many of these things (which was great!) but I either took them to hotel run activities (eg football) or we did them on our own.

    General hotel comments:
    The hotel itself is very nice. And the quality of the food and drinks available on the all inclusive option are good. However, two things in particular didn’t work well for us.

    Firstly, my initial concern about the all inclusive option was the reliance on buffet style eating and the limited use of other restaurants. This concern was not as bad as I thought, but we found the buffet to be busy, chaotic and wouldn’t be our choice for evening meals (fine for breakfast) and we didn’t find the evening meals a relaxing experience. This is of course a personal preference – and a choice we actively made. We often had breakfast and lunch at the pool by the family suites (another plus for that accommodation), this was much better as was primarily a la carte and served (albeit identical food to main restaurants).

    The process for booking the a la carte restaurants was annoying. Given everyone on all inclusive has 3 included per week, having to turn up in the lobby and queue to book at 7:45am and only up to two days in advance meant I had to be up very early on 3 separate days. This was not ideal. You should at least be able to book by phone. The restaurants didn't even seem that full when we did go so not sure why they have this system in place.

    Secondly, and more importantly, we found the level of service in the hotel to be generally disappointing. This was especially the case in the restaurants and bars where the service was slow and not very attentive. We often had to seek out cutlery etc ourselves or spend ages flagging someone down to get served only to have part of our order missed (this was not so much the case in the 3 a la cartes where service was generally a bit better).

    As previously mentioned, I was also surprised by the poor levels of spoken English amongst staff across the resorts. We appreciate that we are in a foreign country and expecting everyone to speak our language is wrong. However, in similar international resorts that we have stayed at we have found it much easier to at least communicate the basics, such as ordering in restaurants."

  • JB 05 August 2014 (Staying at Gloria Serenity)
    - Pool villa was super on the whole, having the pool and the internal space. BUT key point to note below*
    - Food excellent on the whole. Loved the Italian and steak restaurants for lunch.
    - Loved not worrying about paying for any meals. Room service was free at any time. Not sure if that’s because we were VIP . thank you for making us VIP guests. BTW
    - Very child friendly, particularly highlighted when they allowed the kids to sit quietly in the spa area watching a movie, whilst we adults enjoyed a spa treatment. I’ve never experienced that flexibility before. That is worth gold dust. Kids also sat quietly outside the gym watching a movie, whilst we worked out
    - Water slide park terrific fun for all. Loved the beach and the jetty area. Swimming pool super.
    - Location of villa good. If return, might choose one nearer the bit of the pool that has a cordoned off area for kids.
    - Loved flexibility of being able to get buffet food for kids, whilst we adults could enjoy some of the A la carte restaurants.
    - ** ‘Painting’ hut on the beach, was brilliant, as we left all 3 kids there doing arts activities, whilst we sat close enough in front on the beach relaxing. Staff very happy to have Olivia (3yrs old).. as we were close enough for her to technically be under our supervision, but actually, she was busy with them, and we had some adult time out.
    - Very large resort.. but I was notified of that.. so can’t really complain. Most obvious at buffet meal times. Otherwise not so much an issue.
    - * In the villa, the children’s bedroom was too far away from us out of earshot and downstairs. We were very uncomfortable knowing that hotel staff had access to the room. In the end, J and I slept downstairs in the single beds… not ideal, and the 3 kids shared the huge double bed upstairs. Advise your guests to take a baby monitor at the v. least.
    - Buffet meals with kids were exhausting and not relaxing after a while.
    - Arranging a cultural visit was disaster. When they tried to arrange one for us, actual location they took us to (local waterfall) was v. tacky and touristy and total waste of time and money. Unimpressive and overwhelmed by amount of tourist rubbish on offer.
    - You should have a local guide capable of servicing the more cultural interests of your customers. It would be a brilliant to be able to offer this.
    Not great English spoken by staff, including surprisingly the Villa Concierge people.
    - Horrific costs for babysitting."

  • AJ 05 July 2014 "transfers - spot on"

    hotel - initially bit unimpressed but grew on us a lot. the lack of English speaking is not ideal, but once you get your bearings it's fine. the facilities are terrific - lots of places to go and do. Kids club is great - good staff, well run, tonnes of activities and our two loved it. they were very generous in gifts and toys the kids were given. the evening Kids events they put on were good too and well organised. the map of the place could be better as it is quite a big landscape and we got caught out first day wandering away from our area to another and being charged. re the all inc we both thought they were very generous with this - food was good and plentiful, nothing was 'added on' to upgrade us from no special restaurants with an all inc. allowance and a top up charge, to ice creams, to spirits, to the minibar - a genuine 'all inc' of a good standard. The kids stuff sent to the room for our two (milk, apple juice) never forgotten and still all inc. Impressive.

    one observation - 90% Russian guests. the kids club mostly catered to this and I would say our kids were nearly the only English speakers in there.

    So overall, 4* and to have gotten the 5* there would have been better English speaking staff, better orientation and a few more English guests for company (last one not essential!).

    On another note, am recommending you to some friends of mine - so hopefully they will be in touch.


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