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Your packing checklist


Tick off your essentials here…

Kids suitcases
• Holiday clothes, including warmer layers for travel and for air-conditioned restaurants
• Sandals, swim-shoes
• Favourite toys/comforters
• DVDs and books
• Nappies (or save room and buy locally)
• Swim flotation aids, pool toys, goggles
• Spare cot top sheet
• Bucket and spade
• Swim-nappies & swimsuits
• Towel ponchos
• UV protection sunsuits

Your suitcases
• Holiday clothes for daytime and evening
• Swimsuits, flip-flops
• Suncream for all the family
• Sunhats & sunglasses for all the family
• Washbag with family toiletries
• Insect repellent
• First aid kit, including Calpol
• Birth control
• Tennis racquets, golf clubs, goggles, etc
• Bright ribbons or straps to identify your case on the carousel

• Passport
• Emergency information / numbers
• Insurance
• Traveller’s cheques
• Credit/debit cards
• Currency
• Guide books/maps
• Airline tickets /e-ticket
• Photocopy all documents (including ticket)
• Drivers licence
• Frequent flyer cards
• Travel plug converter

Hand luggage
• Nappies, including enough for plane delays
• Changing pad
• Nappy sacks & wet wipes
• Ziploc bag for soiled clothes
• Pushchair (keep with you at the airport till the last minute when it goes in the hold)
• Baby sling (to get you from plane to luggage carousel)
• A change of clothes for all the family.
• Formula & bottles, including enough for delays
• Sippy cup, snacks & bibs
• Dummies if needed
• Baby food, spoons, bowl with lid
• Thousands of toys and games

• Mobile and charger
• Camera, batteries, memory card
• iPod/MP3 player, headphones, batteries, minispeakers
• Disposable underwater camera
• Foreign-language dictionary or phrase book
• Mini-DVD player or DVD-capable laptop or iPad loaded with films
• Addresses for sending postcards or emails
• Currency converter
• Buggy parasol or shade

Before you leave home

• Stop deliveries
• Have Post Office hold mail
• Arrange care of pets, lawn, houseplants
• Set up timed lighting device
• Leave house key and itinerary with neighbour
• Empty fridge
• Store valuables in a safe place
• Lock all doors and windows
• Set the burglar alarm