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Algarve Chefs’ Week with Regional Recipes

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Posted on 23rd Mar 2015

Enjoy the finest in Portuguese cuisine this Spring, with the 5th annual Algarve Chefs’ Week, running from 26th April – 3rd May 2015, where the top 10 chefs from the region’s finest hotels create one-off celebratory menus.

The gastronomic feasts centre on the Algarve’s iconic ingredients: Flor de Sal, dried figs, carob, fava beans and oranges. The renowned chefs include Osvalde Silva (Restaurante O Grill, Pine Cliffs Resort) and Andrew McGuie (Restaurante Louro, Conrad Algarve).

Culinary activities at Pine Cliffs Resort include a chocolate sculpture exhibition and chocolate egg decoration workshop with Chef António Miranda and kids club team.

Tots Too’s own MasterChef contestant Emma Spitzer has enjoyed wonderful family stays at Pine Cliffs with her family, sampling their delicious menus and quizzing the chefs on their secrets.

We’re delighted to share recipes for some of the regional dishes created by the kitchens of the Pine Cliffs Resort, for you to re-create a taste of the Algarve in your own home. Of course, the hotel restaurant makes full use of the fresh daily catch from the sea, so be sure to choose the freshest of local fish too, to appreciate these dishes at their best. Enjoy Tuna Tataki, Bittersweet Fruits and Xerém of Clams.

Tuna “Tataki”

Tuna tataki – 180 g

Extra virgin olive oil – as required

Flor salt – as required

Pepper – as required

Lemon juice – as required

Cut the tuna into doses, season and cook it in the sauté.


Bittersweet fruit

Shallots-15 g

Garlic – 5g

Leeks – 100g



Papaya – 50g

Liquor Lava Lands 2003 – 100ml

Fish broth – 250 ml

Coconut milk – 100 ml

Natas – 100 ml


Olive oil


Blanch the garlic, leeks and shallots in 2 waters.

Heat the oil and add the previous mixture, letting it brown and refreshing with white wine.

Place the fish stock, safflower and fruits, let it cook.

Add the coconut milk already involved in the cream.

Rectify seasoning.


 Xerém of clams


1 kg of clams

100 g smoked bacon

100 g chorizo

100 grams of ham

200 g of corn flour

1 dl of white wine

salt and pepper

In a bowl rinse clams, preferably in cold water in order to free them of impurities they may contain. Then, cover them with sea water, about 4 to 5 hours. Cut the bacon into small strips and ham and chorizo slices ace. Fry them in a frying pan over low heat. Remove the clams from the water. Bake in a pan and covered with water, about 8 to 10 minutes. Drain the liquid where baked, taking care to pass through a fine sieve. Take the crumb of clams. Pour this into a saucepan, add the juice of cooking, add the wine and let it boil, boil a bit. Sift the flour with the help of a sieve. Remove the pan and off the heat, add the flour to avoid lumps. Bring back to the boil and simmer, stirring occasionally. Add the meat and serve hot.


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